NYC – To Subway or Not to Subway (with Kids)

Evvveryone said we were crazy to take the kids with us to NYC, but of course, I’m not going to let the fact that we have two young kids stop me from having some killer fun and living my mother-freaking-life. Plus my husband had never been there and he needed a serious awakening because I feel like if you’ve never been to NYC, you’ve never really lived.

The night before, we spent all evening packing (that’s right, I’m a procrastinator) trying to determine if we should bring one checked bag or two. We ultimately decided on two bags as we wouldn’t have had any room to bring home items bought in NY and with it being Black Friday weekend, I couldn’t fathom not buying one. single. thing. and seriously, we didn’t have room for a freaking feather (why do I always, literally alllllways pack like this?!). Although, we don’t really buy much these days with our adoption of a somewhat (okay, getting there) minimalist lifestyle.

[TANGENT: We really think about if our kids will actually play with the toys we consider buying them (and we encourage them to really think about it too) and really they don’t, not more that a couple hours playtime TOTAL, per toy.

One time my mom sent Triton a package from from Amazon and he was so excited to open the box. We Facetime’d my mom, because she wanted to see his reaction when he saw the Mickey Mouse PJs (he was obsessed with Mickey) she sent him. He opened the box and immediately threw out the PJs and Triton says, “A BOX, YAY!” Kids are SO easily entertained. They don’t need all the cheap plastic crap that provides little to no real stimulation. END TANGENT]

Okay, sorry – I got off track there for a second (more like 10 minutes but whatever). The other huge items I stressed about for literally MONTHS was should we bring the car seats and what about our [big ass Caddy] stroller. After MUCH deliberation we decided not to bring either. This was a really scary thing for me. The thought of being somewhere afar with children and without carseats was just unfathomable to me, but NYC is different, so we said EFF IT! 

Depending on your budget and how you plan to get around should be the determining factor when you have kids in tow in NYC. For us, I wanted my husband and kids to really experience the city and that meant public transportation – riding the NJ train from Newark to 34th St. Penn Station and the Subway. In my opinion, this is by far the BEST way to get around the city, even if you aren’t on a budget (although a 2019 Escalade with a full time driver would be nice). You don’t have to worry about traffic, finding parking, parking fees, getting the kids in and out of the carseats, etc.  Because of this, we veto’d the stroller. Some subway stations have elevators, but many don’t. That means carrying your stroller (and yo baby) down the stairs and through the turn-styles. If you’re with someone, you can swipe your Metro card near the closest emergency exit and they can open the door for you to stroll through. Also, if you’re alone, and if there’s an attendant working (many stations don’t always have attendants working), they’ll usually see you and buzz you through the door. I just didn’t want to have to deal with any of that, so we opted for our Tula baby carrier for Sloane (our 2 year old).

I’ll admit, my babe got heeeavy sometimes, but hey, I was eating hella $1 pizza (because let’s face it, you can’t take your kids to Tao) and not working out, so I actually needed the sack of potatoes on my back to keep the lbs down and it was still better than dealing with a stroller on the subway.

Anyways, this post is already getting longer than I’d like and my goal is to keep my posts to a minimum while jam packed with hella useful sh*t (because like, who has time to read a book between meetings while you’re planning you family trip to NYC). I have so much more to say about our trip, but too much for one post. I’ll post a continuation with things to do, where to go, coolest playgrounds in Central Park, holiday events like Christmas tree lightings, etc.